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Crypto Inu - $ABCD

A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support.

Crypto Inu is an immersive multiplayer board game with 3D and VR modes that incorporates metaverse real estate investment.

(players own, sell, trade, and collect NFT assets)

Built-in Automated Rewards Farming technology. Just hold $ABCD in your wallet, and watch your balance grow!

Automatic 2% reflection from every transaction.

2% Reflection

1.04% Burned

0.96% to Holders

10 seconds lock to sell after buy (Anti Bot)

About the project

Crypto Inu $ABCD is a journey where players will use digital tokens to enter the game, stake and earn rewards and compete to build an exclusive Dream Lifestyle within the crypto space. The game is designed to be fun and competitive, allowing players to own virtual real estate, and customize aspects of the cities within the metaverse with owned NFT assets including their character avatars, and buildings, with a marketplace to acquire and trade.

We want you to feel️ happy 😊 and secure 🔒 holding $ABCD token. Crypto is a trustless world, so remember: don’t trust, verify! With Crypto Inu token we’ve tried to make that verification as easy as possible


Crypto Inu team passed the KYC verification process dated 14th. February, 2022 with Solid Proof.


We wouldn’t expect you to invest your money in something that hadn’t been audited. That just doesn’t feel right. ABCD token is audited by Solid Proof. That includes a review of our smart contract and all our associated socials. As soon as the audit is done, you'll be able to find the results and recommendations from the audit in the Audit section below.


We’ve loaded up the liquidity on day one, 48% to Pancakeswap and 52% to burnt address.

Renounced Contract Ownership

Renouncing ownership is a function in the smart contract. This means that the creator of the contract no longer owns it, meaning he will not be able to modify functions such as contract owner functions. To renounce any ownership of a contract set _newOwner to the zero address: transferOwnership(address(0)) . If this is done then a contract is no longer owned by anybody.

Locked liquidity

New crypto projects need to have liquidity locked in. Once you’ve been with us for a few years you will know we are around for good, but until then we need to earn your trust. That’s something we will focus on every day. We can make a start on that by locking in our investment, and being fully transparent about our decision making process.

  • 100% locked for one year

All locked on unicrypt, the gold standard for liquidity locking.

Talk to us!

We’ve built a crypto, but what we really want to build is a community. We want to hear from you. We need to hear from you. We’ve got some big decisions to make, starting with what charities we support first. And that’s up to YOU. So reach out, whenever. You can pretty much guarantee one of us is awake.

GameFi + Metaverse

Real Estate Tycoon

Own land NFTs to claim a piece of the board. Stake $ABCD to multiply your winnings.
Players roll dice to move around the World Map. They will gain or lose $ABCD after playing mini games across the Lands of other players.

Virtual Event Host

Meetups, book clubs. Bring in DJs for concerts and dance parties.
Future versions of the game will incorporate event and guest counts as multipliers for tournament challenges


The game play is similar to the traditional game “Monopoly” but has been introduced a social aspect to the game and the use of NFTs to tokenize the characters and properties.

The Team

ABCD token is a Crypto Inu project. Meet the ABCD team.

Lex Morale


Lead Crypto Inu in terms of compliances, legal, partnership, listing and game development. GameFi is the marriage of gaming and blockchain-powered financialization. Whether through quests, trading, or other mechanisms, GameFi allows gamers to earn digital assets for their in-game efforts.


Lead UI/UX Design, Lead Web Dev, Marketing

The Crypto Token token website is Harold's baby, as is the $ABCD logo. Harold builds out our face on the web, bringing his clean style and good looks to each of our projects. He’s also responsible for keeping the lights on and our website up, which of course it always is. Other crypto startups take note.

Stephen Mills

Metaverse and Graphic Design Lead, Branding and Social Media

Like the ABCD logo? Yeah, we do too, that’s all thanks to Stephen. Stephen has a wealth of social media management experience and is responsible for both the Metaverse and ABCD token brand.

Paul Marcus

Engagement and Marketing, Physical Merchandise

How did you hear about ABCD? Chances are that it started with Paul, who is our team megaphone! He’s out there working the channels, making sure we get the message to the right places. Paul will also head up our physical merch operation, when it’s up and running.


Lead Apps Dev, Investor Relations, DEXs and Exchanges

Charlotte rounds out our dev team, taking responsibility for the apps we’ll deploy in the ABCD ecosystem. Charlotte is also responsible for our relations with the various DEXs, CEXs and other entities in the cryptosphere.


Lead Marketing Specialist

Everyone likes a good joke. Everyone wants to be entertained. But when it comes to using humor in content marketing, people still hesitate. We are, after all, not here purely to entertain. This is why Amelia is here, Our content needs to serve a business purpose, inspire action, and rack up the sweet, sweet conversions.

ABCD Roadmap

This is just the beginning - check out our roadmap for ABCD

Phase 1 - Q1 2022


  • Whitepaper launch
  • Community Building starts
  • Telegram members 50,000
  • Crypto Inu Holders 200,000
  • Twitter Followers 20,000

  • Listing & Audit

  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • BscScan Listing
  • TrustWallet Listing
  • CEXs Listing
  • SolidProof Audit
  • CertiK Audit

  • Marketing

  • Media Releases
  • Digital Billboard Marketing
  • Google, IG Ads
  • Twitter Trending
  • AMA by Founder

  • Game & Design

  • Design of NFT items
  • NFT Marketplace v1
  • Metaverse Assets Design
  • Interactive Marketplace
  • Virtual City
  • abcDEXT Beta Launch

Phase 2 - Q2 2022


  • Telegram members 150,000
  • Crypto Inu Holders 500,000
  • Twitter Followers 50,000
  • Meetup Events

  • Listing

  • Dapp Listing
  • CEXs Listing

  • Marketing

  • Media Releases
  • Billboard Marketing
  • Google, IG Ads
  • Celebrity Marketing
  • AMA by Project Team

  • Game & Design

  • Integration with Binance NFT Marketplace
  • Launch of $ABCD GameFi
  • PvP System
  • Interactive Marketplace
  • DAO Guild System
  • abcDEXT Launch

Phase 3 - Q3,Q4 2022


  • Telegram members 250,000
  • Crypto Inu Holders 800,000
  • Twitter Followers 100,000

  • Listing & Audit

  • Top Tier CEXs Listing

  • Marketing

  • Media Releases
  • Billboard Advertisement
  • Metro Station Advertisemnet
  • Google, IG Ads
  • Twitter Trending
  • Offline Game Tournament

  • Game & Design

  • Launch on Solana, Polygon chain
  • Cross-Chain Bridge
  • Metaverse Shopping and Ads System
  • Guild Quest
  • Metaverse abcDEXT Trading & Charting


We have many things cooking.. Check out on Crypto Inu whitepaper!

Audit results and recommendations

View Audit PDF

Charity Donation Process

We expect this process to evolve over time, for example if the community wants us to support a particular charity with a regular donation. As always, we will be guided by what you want.

ABCD community charity liaison: Paul
Charity liaison: Amelia


If you have an idea for a charity we should support let us know through our social channels. Every month Paul will be monitoring these and compiling your ideas. At 3pm UTC every first day of the month, we will compile these into a shortlist of two charities.


We will then load the voting poll on our website and announce the six options through our socials. Voting on the poll is then open and will remain open until 3am UTC on the following Tuesday.


The donation is then made to the number one charity in the poll. We will get a receipt for the donation, and post details here and also through our socials.


Why can’t I buy / sell on pancakeswap, it keeps giving me an error?

This is likely either slippage being too low (minimal slippage is 3%) or not setting the ABCD amount to a round number, or contact us on any of our social platforms - we'll be happy to help!
1.04% of each transaction is reflected into dead address, ceasing to exist. You can track the burnt token count by looking at the burn address.
Reach out on telegram, twitter. We truly would love to hear from you.
BSCscan doesn’t seem to refresh certain pages, like the holders page. Click on your address and on the next page you’ll see your balance updated.